About the Author

Loren Vanderschoot, Jr., is a father of three who lives in Columbus, Georgia. Growing up in California’s scenic Napa Valley, he developed a love for nature at a very young age. His passion for helping others has led him to become an expert on the Law of Attraction, manifestation and whole-life improvement. His decades-long study of the subjects and one-on-one counseling success, coupled with his own story, give him a slightly different perspective than most Law of Attraction enthusiasts. Loren teaches from the most practical levels, focusing on the mechanics of manifestation combined with brain enhancement and refocusing methods. He believes that laying the groundwork by increasing conscious control of the mind while developing a mastery of Law of Attraction skills is not only complimentary but produces exponential gains in one’s ability to manifest. “If you know the mind has thoughts, and those thoughts become things – if you truly believe this – then why wouldn’t one of your first steps be to increase your access to and control of your brain? We inhibit our ability to manifest when we neglect to increase the power and control of the mind before beginning to use it for this purpose.” As an author, teacher and coach, he still believes that he gets more from each of his students and clients than he gives them. “Each of us has so much to learn and so much to teach… so much to receive and so much to give.”